Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Layout

I have a weakness for Milky Way's. I eat one daily and Josie looks like she's pretty interested too. This was too funny so Mikey took some pictures.
Here's some interesting facts I read on the computer when looking for the logo.

The MILKY WAY® Bar was first created in 1923, with the idea of putting "A chocolate malted milk in a candy bar".
A MILKY WAY® Bar sold for 5 cents in 1926.
The Vanilla MILKY WAY® Bar was introduced in 1926. The name changed in 1936 to FOREVER YOURS® Bar.
The MILKY WAY® Bar is called MARS® Bar outside the U.S.
The wiggly lines on the bottom of the bars come from the belt they ride on while cooling.
The center of the bar is called nougat, which is made by whipping egg whites with other ingredients until light and frothy to make a frappe. Flavorings, such as cocoa and malt, are added to the frappe to create the signature flavor nougat.
In 2005, Americans ate more than 200 million MILKY WAY® Bars.

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McBaby080808 said...

I LOVE Milky Way bars, too! They are my very favoritest candy bar and I'm so jealous that you eat one every day. I think that will be my next New Year's eat a Milky Way every day!