Monday, April 18, 2011

Work, Umbrellas, McDonald's and the Girls

Josie is still coming with me to work on Thursday mornings. I love these mornings cause it's the only time I have that I sit with her and do what she wants for the most part cause I'm not at home staring at everything that has to be done.
This particular morning, even though it was sunny and warm out, she claimed it was raining and we had to have the umbrella out. She kept trying to go inside with it, but this superstitious Mommy kept telling her she had to come back outside. 
 When it's lunchtime, we go pick Kayla up at school and then the girls get to choose where we eat lunch at. Of course about every week it's McDonald's and I always have to get them cookies to eat too. We had our picnic out on the front porch at work. They then went to play on the gravel pile for a while and got hot. So then we had to go inside and eat our cookies. I think Kayla wore more of hers than she ate of it!

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