Monday, April 4, 2011

A Big Time Catch up for March

This is what my "room" looks like after a Pampered Chef party. I have GOT to get more organized.

I only made it to one of Riley's games this year. He did a really good job. Really great on the defense end!

Josie & Kayla played the cheerleaders. Everything Kayla would do or say, Josie would copy.

Caught this sunset on our way home that night on our road. It was alot prettier than this picture captured. Gonna have to work on sunsets more. The bad thing is that I have to leave the house to see them. All of our trees block them.

Thought maybe spring was coming. Course we have found out since then since it is April 4th now, that it was just playing some mean tricks on us. We actually had a day of snow after this photo was taken.

Michelle & I took the girls out to eat to Mother Bear's. Really good pizza and finally used the free coupon from adopting Blue. After we were done eating, we walked over to Sheldon's and took some photos. The girls had a blast!

Hanging out playing in the basement. Mommy practicing with her flash. Still not very good with it. So ready for my class on flash.

Nathan Garrett was at the house this weekend. We went outside and hung out at the swing set. The top photo, I was actually laying under her taking photos laying on a cardboard box. Couldn't get the stink pot to look at me to get the photos and the other stink pot (Levi) thought I was laying down for him to come lay on me.

The tree that fell at Dad & Mom's has a really cool stump now to take photos on. Love the expression in the top photo. We see this one alot and Daddy calls her "Popeye" when she does it.

We met Tony & Christie at Liberty Mall to take Caleb's photos. Josie stood right next to me with her camera and took photos of him also. I wish Mike would have took a photo of her doing that. Anyway, she always wants to hold him, so we let her hold him and Mommy took some photos. He is so cooperative with her. At least for now.

This day, when she went to work with me, it was really nice out so we went out to the gravel pile and she played. She is way too brave for Mommy's taste. She would climb to the top and try and jump. If I wasn't there to catch her, it would have ended up bad. So we went over to the car and she will play in it for hours. Works now anyway while it's not hot out.

I set up a little photo shoot with her, her kitchen and my Pampered Chef items. I'm going to have an Open House this Sunday, April 10th. I'm hoping it turns out good. But even if it doesn't she had so much fun doing her own little "photo shoot" and I got some great photos.
Well I think that finally catches us up. I hope April isn't as bad as March was and I'm able to keep this up to date, like I had been.

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RENÉE said...

You gym photos are so crystal clear. What is your secret?