Wednesday, September 22, 2010

She's definately a Growing!

Monday, when she woke from her afternoon nap, she was taking her babies to the potty. She had already taken "baby boy" and was in the process of taking "fat baby". I was in the laundry room folding some clothes and she comes running in there and tells me she dropped the paci. I didn't think much about it, right now she is going through the phase that she can't do anything and Mommy has to do it all. So I went in the bathroom to see what was wrong, and she had dropped her paci in the toilet while talking to "fat baby". Gross!!! Luckily, I had just flushed it. So I dug it out and took it to the dishwasher and told her she would have to wait until after dinner, when Mommy ran the dishwasher before she had her paci back. She never mentioned it again the rest of the afternoon. So that night when it was bed time, I snuck it to Mikey just in case to see what would happen. She asked for it a few times while going to sleep with Daddy, but she fell asleep without it. So when she would ask for it, we would tell her "remember, you flushed it down the toilet". Then she was fine. So she has officially not had her paci since 3:00 on Monday. We have taken 1 nap since and slept 2 nights without it. So sometime this weekend we have to go get her a new kitty! :-)
Last night was dance class and Daddy went with us. When I got home and after Mama Mike left, I told her we needed to go change clothes for dance class. She went in her room and told me she needed a skirt like the "irls". I didn't realize that at this age, we have to be like the other "irls!" But i guesss so. Which she has been the only one not in a leotard. But quite honestly, I didnt' figure we would make it past this month with the way she has just been standing against the wall. PICKING HER NOSE!!!! But last night she actually socialized with the other girls. Even trying to pick two of them up. I don't know why she thought they needed carried. But after class, three of the mom's made comments about Josie actually participating. Her feet even moved a few times! :-) I just hope it wasn't because Daddy was there with the camera, or Daddy is going to have to continue to go.
This morning when we were leaving to go to Mama Carole's, she wanted to take one of her Bitty Babies and her backpack. So when we got in the car, I was taking the Bitty Baby out of the backpack and she started singing "Baby, break my heart!" I don't know where that song came from, but it was way too funny!

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