Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good til Sunday

Saturday I went to get my hair cut and Mike stayed home with Josie. That is only the second time he has flown solo. When I got home they were asleep on the couch. I was relieved cause I had been worried about how she would do. Mike doesn't put her down for naps or night time, I do, and when he tries she fights him. He said she fought him but she eventually gave in.
Once she woke and I fed her, she and I went to see the Easter Bunny. We went to Fountain Square and I was very impressed. As I am with their Santa also. Josie sat in his lap and didn't cry but she wouldn't smile either. We tried for about 5 minutes and I told the girl if she got a good picture that it was fine, I was just happy she wasn't crying. I meant to bring it to work and scan to put on here but I forgot it.
Then Sunday we went to church and she was fine. Sunday evening we went out to eat with our parents at Cafe Pizzeria and she didn't want to eat her dinner. She was being really cuddly also and I made a comment to her that I thought she didn't feel very good. Well!!! She didn't. Once we pulled in our driveway I took her out of her car seat because she was trying to fall asleep and I was trying to keep her awake. As soon as Mike put the car in park she unloaded on me. Puke everywhere!!! Poor kid. I took her in the house, put her in the bathtub to take her clothes and mine off and she was fine and dandy. Then Sunday night she woke at 1:00 and she was soaked with sweat, running a temperature. I took her to our bed, gave her Tylenol and she couldn't settle down. So she and I got up and went to the living room for me to rock her. She was asleep but couldn't lay still until the Tylenol kicked in around 3:00 Monday morning. She and I stayed home yesterday and she fought a fever all day long. The only thing solid wise I could get her to eat, was some of my bagel, cherry jello and her puffs. She ate a little fruit but not much.
Mom has her today and so far she's been okay. She has slept alot and Mom did get her to eat 5 oz at one feeding. Yesterday I could barely get her to eat 3 oz at a feeding. So maybe and hopefully she's coming out of it. Her temperature is gone anyway!
Ah, the joys of motherhood! And I love every minute of it!!!
Here's some more pages I got done Friday before I left for the weekend.
This is Uncle Nathan feeding Josie a bottle. Which has never been seen before this child! And pictures of her sitting in the center of the table during dinner at Papa & Mama's. February 3, 2009

Michelle took this picture in February of the girls at my work on one morning. She comes to my work on Wednesday and Friday mornings while Riley is at school. That way she's not running around town spending money and I get to spend the time with Josie. Then I go with her to pick Riley up during my lunch and then she drops me back off at work. It has worked out very nicely for Josie and I and I think Kayla enjoys it also.

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