Friday, April 3, 2009

8 month old!

I can't believe Josie is 8 months old today! Time has flown so fast since she has been here.
Josie is doing really good. She absolutely loves her fruit and veggies are so-so. She starts out good with them but about half way through a container she is done with them but you give her fruit and you can't get it in her mouth quick enough.
She is being picky with her morning bottles. She doesn't want to eat the whole 7 ounces anymore so I am having to make a full bottle and then split it up so that she will get her medicine in it. Otherwise, she doesn't get the full dose of medicine and she starts spitting up alot again. I think for about the last week and a half she is only averaging about 4 ounces in the mornings. By the end of the days though she has caught herself up and she eats anywhere from 20 ounces to 23 ounces/day, plus her food.
She has quit taking her evening naps. I just realized the other day that she hasn't done them for about a month now. She is going to sleep around 8:00 every night but she does not sleep the whole night through anymore. For the last two weeks she wakes about every 2 hours and then she will have about a 3-5 hour stretch but only if she is in our bed. I am so ready for a child I can put to bed and stay until the next morning but I have a feeling she is not going to be one.
She is trying really hard now to figure out how to crawl. You sit her on her bottom and she will move herself in circles by bending one leg back and pushing around. She's been doing that for about a week. Now we are having to watch her because she is bending and reaching for things when she does this and trying to figure out how to get the other leg out from under her so she would be on her hands and knees. She does pretty good with not falling but sometimes she goes face first. She will take some steps with Daddy holding her hands but when I try it she turns herself around and holds my legs.
I would say pretty soon we are going to have our hands full with "nosey Josie".

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