Thursday, April 23, 2009

1st Turkey & 1st Toe Painting

Riley's 1st Turkey!!! (April 18, 2009)
Josie's 1st Toenail painting.
Mom painted her toes while she was babysitting her Tuesday (4-21). Mom called the house later that night to "see" if Josie was sleeping. Well come to find out she was actually calling to see if we had seen her toes yet. I decided to take a shower with Josie that night, so Mike was in the bathroom with me and was taking her clothes off to give her to me. He goes to take her socks off and says "Who painted your toenails?" I yell "What?". So he shows me when he hands her into me. So that's why Mama called?! When we got out I called Mama and told her she could have at least painted them red where you could see them. She laughed and said that Josie sat there and watched her paint them and then just sat there while Mom put the hair dryer on them to dry them. So I guess Josie is going to like her nails painted. Mom told Riley so the next day when I got there to drop Josie off he couldn't wait to take her sock off to see her nails. Kayla says "Pretty toes Josie!"

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