Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What all has happened since last post?!
Well we didn't start the applesauce that weekend. We went ahead with the greens. We started with peas. Didn't figure she would like them at all. They are nasty smelling and Mike & I neither one like them. Well the poor little girl loved them!!! She ate the whole container and smiled the whole time.
We have also tried green beans. She seems to really like them well also. We started the applesauce on New Year's Day and she liked it. Now this weekend we are going to try banana's. I feel like we are constantly feeding her. She has also started waking in the night more often and I feel like we aren't feeding her enough. I know she's getting enough though, she has to be! She eats four 6 ounce bottles a day that has 2 Tablespoons of Rice cereal in each bottle. She eats oatmeal twice a day and a veggie and applesauce once a day. I'm going to leave her at this until I go to the doctor on Feb 4th for her 6 month checkup. Unbelievable! 6 months already!!!
Her 1st Christmas went well. We went to the Jones' on Christmas Eve for lunch, she got a Fisher Price kitchen and a few other Fisher Price toys. She also got quite a few outfits. Then Christmas Eve night we went to Granny Glodyne's. However, we didn't actually have Christmas because Jeremy, Josh and Uncle Butch and Aunt Shirley were coming in on Friday. So we simply had supper and just hung out. I gave Josie her Christmas Eve pajamas at Granny's house. This is a tradition that I plan on doing ever year. Then Christmas morning we got up and had our own Christmas. Mike & I got her a Tigger and a Leap frog toy. She seemed to enjoy them both. I got Mikey a watch and he got me some pajamas. Then we went to Papa & Mama's for Christmas breakfast. The kids all got a lot and seemed to like it all. Josie got a Bitty Baby, highchair, doll bed, castle, Fisher Price Play & Learn table and a whole bunch of clothes. We had to take basically all of her clothes back cause she was already too big. We then went to all of the graveyards and put flowers on the Grandparents that are no longer with us graves. Then we went to Nana Louise's for lunch. She got clothes and several toys from Nana and Aunt's and Uncles. Last but not least, we went back to Papa & Mama's for the Richardson side of the family. We got to celebrate Christmas with Nathan Garrett and Austin. Not everyone showed, but the ones that did we had a good time.
That Saturday we got together with the clan from Arkansas. There were cousins that never got to meet each other until now. Riley & Kayla had a blast playing with them. Josie had a good time watching all of the kids. It was quite noisy in the house with five little girls in the house and four of them under 3. But they all had a good time.
New Year's Eve, was uneventful. I went to bed at 9:30 and Mike stayed up until midnight. New Year's Day, Mom, Michelle, Josie and I went to the mall and exchanged clothes that didn't fit. Didn't have to fight a crowd at all.
January 3rd, Mike, Josie and I went to Tony and Christie's wedding. It was very pretty! Josie was awesome, she was so quiet and easly calmed. She actually fell asleep with the DJ blaring music less than 10 feet away from us. I couldn't believe it. She must have been extremely tired.
We moved Josie to her own room on January 2nd. I'm still not comfortable with it but I know she needs to learn the independence now. We slept on an air mattress in the basement that night. She done pretty good. She got up around 2:00 and I put her in bed with us. Then Saturday night she slept all night. Sunday night she got up at 10:00 and then again at 3:00. Monday night was the bad night! She got up at 11:00, then again at 2:00, which I took her to bed with us. She slept until 4:00 and from then on she was extremely ressless. She was also a little fussy so I gave her some Tylenol. I'm thinking her teeth were bothering her.
She has started saying "dada" now. I keep telling her she needs to say "mama" but she's just not doing it for me. She is also trying really hard to pull herself up to a sitting position when she is laying down. I've told everyone, once she is mobile, she is gone!!!
We have started using a new bath mat and she loves it. She is down in the water more and has more room and kicks away. I have a video of it on my phone. If I can figure out how to get it on here I'll get it for ya.
I think that's it for now. I will try and get some of the Christmas pictures posted soon. My resolution for the year is to keep up to date with this and my scrapbooking a little better than I do now.

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