Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A week ago Saturday (17th), Josie was being really quiet while I was in the shower. Daddy was home and I didn't hear him with her either. So I yelled for Daddy to check and see what Josie was doing. He walked into the closet and immediately started laughing. She had one of her Snap n Style dolls, and the diaper cream. She told Daddy that the baby had pooped and needed her butt changed. Thankfully she didn't get any in the dolls crazy hair. So now the diaper cream is another item that is put up high on a shelf. I swear everything is going to be put up high before too much longer!
Miss Madelyne has handed down some jammies to Josie. This particular night I got out a nightgown to see if she could fit in it yet. Not knowing how excited she was going to get because it had a princess on it. After we put it on her, once she calmed down, she was running around the house yelling "inderella, inderella". I guess I didn't realize how much she was beginning to get into the "princesses".

I have been working on Josie's birthday party stuff and now we are down to the wire. I bought a kit from Shabby Miss Jenn Designs to create about everything for her party. The invitations were made from the paper. The cupcake centerpieces and the Birthday banner.
So Friday evening, I started assembling her Birthday banner while she was getting ready for bed. She decided she wanted to help me, cause it was for "her birfday party". So I put her up on the table to help me. I can't wait until the day we set the party up, this girl is really getting into her "birfday party".
She has been a complete stinkpot lately on potty training. She seems to have lost all interest in it. She still tells you when she pees or poops but you can't get her to go to the toilet. She had even gotten to the point that she was crying when I would put her on the toilet. So Sunday morning, I broke out the big girl panties. She did pretty good then. We only had 3 accidents. But now my dilemma is getting everyone else to do the same with the possible messes ahead. But she sure was proud of the big girl panties and didn't want to put a pull up on to take a nap.
I don't want to force her but if she knows the difference between a pull up and a diaper and can tell you when she goes, I don't know what else to do, but force her. Plus she looked too cute in the panties!!!

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