Friday, July 16, 2010

Daddy Move Your "Fruck!"

Tuesday night we were in the garage and Josie was wanting to ride the 4 wheeler but Daddy's truck was in the way. She kept yelling for "Daddy move your Fruck!" but the "Fruck" wasn't coming out sounding that way. It was hilarious! We would laugh at her and she would just keep saying it.
Daddy did finally move the ladder out of the way so he could get the 4 wheeler out but he didn't move the "Fruck!"
Thurday morning, Michelle took the kids with her down to Granny's so she could go out and pick some green beans. Granny tells me at lunch that Josie had gone into her bathroom, got a bar of soap, walked into the living room and before anyone could get it away from her, she bit down into it. Granny said her expression was priceless! Josie, dear, you aren't suppose to eat the soap unless you purposely say the word "Fruck", drop the "r"! :-)
She went to VBS last night for the first time. I didn't plan on taking her because I didn't figure she would cooperate with them and would just be a disturbance. Michelle wanted to take her so Kayla would be counted as bringing a "friend", so I let her go. When I got there to pick her up, Michelle said she was being very good and having a good time. She must have been. She was covered in marker from coloring. When I got there they were getting ready to go to the sanctuary for singing and I knew she would have fun doing that, so we stayed. They sang all the regular bible songs, and she stayed up there with the kids the whole time. We then went out to do crafts and they made a pillow. When we got home, she went to the couch where her "baby boy" was laying, picked him up, laid down the pillow, put "baby boy" back down on it and says "Ook baby boy, ought I made you!" We had to take "baby boy" and his pillow to bed with us. She was tired and I couldnt' get her to wind down, and all of a sudden she starts moving her feet and started singing, I will never March with the infintry!. I about died! That was the first time she had ever heard that song.
Then this morning I was fixing her hair and she kept saying "ock". I looked down and she was doing the motions to The Wise Man built his house upon the Rock. So needless to say she is going back tonight and I'm sorry baby, Mommy didn't let you go the whole week.
But now I know that you are ready for the dance lessons Mommy wants to put you in when you turn 2.

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