Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 6th
We finally got Emily's birthday celebrated. She moved on the weekend of her birthday and everyone is so busy anymore it is really hard to get anything scheduled. But we got it!
And on a side note! Emily & I went to get the pizza at Pizza Express-West, you know right next to Uncle E's! (gay bar) and we got the priveledge of seeing "boys" with short shorts on and washing cars. Can you say GROSS!!!!

Aunt Emily watched Josie for me while I was washing my Jeep. They took the ball out to the field to play with and for some reason, Josie was wanting to ride it.

June 8th
I finally had to take Josie to the Doctor. She just hasn't been acting right for the last month. She has not slept in her bed one night by herself the whole night. Which is not like her. She has been extremely cranky. Then Saturday I made the appointment and while I left in the morning to go do a photo shoot and she stayed home with Daddy, she was completely fine. Started in with her whining when I walked in the door. So I called Michelle to see how the day before went and she said she had been fine until I got there. So I cancelled the appointment and just passed it off that Mommy is the lucky one that gets the fits.
Then her eye starts watering later that evening along with her nose actually having green snot now. So I started her on Benadryl, which was what I was doing on top of my Claritin and it seemed to be helping. It helped with her nose but didn't make much difference with her eye. By Tuesday morning when she woke up both of her eyes were caked with "eye burgers" as Josie calls them. So I gave her more Benadryl, told Mom to watch her and let me know if it got worse. She called me after her nap and said they were bad. So I bit the bullet and took her to the Dr. It's not that I don't think she is sick, it's that the dumb Dr's won't give the kids medicine anymore. But when I told Malone that she had been this way basically for the last month and that the eye and nose had been going on for a week. He gave her antibiotic.
We went to Marsh to fill it and Josie kept asking for suckers. So since she was good, actually great, at the Dr's, she got a bag of suckers. And when you ask her what color she wants on anything anymore it is "bu"

June 10th

The kids came over so that I could watch them while Michelle cleaned out the basement. We got the sprinkler out for them to play in after we ate. It was a "weenie" sprinkler so we decided to just spray with the garden hose.
Michelle had a different motive that I had no clue about. She, Rick, Nathan & Emily all bought me tires for my Jeep for my birthday! I really appreciate it!!! And they definetly needed changed.

June 11th
This morning, I sneezed, because I still have this dumb cold, and Josie says "Bess U Evi!" I laughed and told her Thank you but that Mommy wasn't Levi. Since I have been sick and she has been sick, we both say Bless You when one of us sneezes and that has been going on a lot. Then this week she started telling Levi (the dog) Bless you when he sneezed. So I guess Mommy is on the same playing level as the Dog! :-)

June 12th
We started potty training really hard today. She is getting it but none of it has made it in the potty yet. However, we now go to the bathroom to pee in our diaper and then tell Mommy she pooped.
This evening we went to Uncle Bobbie & Aunt Sandy's for Rachel & Little Bobbie's wedding reception. Once Josie warmed up she had a blast. She played with Buddy until I think Buddy couldn't take it anymore. And she swang until Mommy & Papa Mike couldn't take the heat anymore! :-)

June 13th
We met everyone at Cafe Pizzeria on Kirkwood for my Birthday.

We have peed in the potty 4 times today! You go girl!!!

June 14th
We made it 5 times today. Still don't get the pooping thing. And when she tells you she is going to pee it is still poop. But we flush the toilet and wave and tell the peepee bye!

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