Monday, May 10, 2010

Chocolate & Baseball!

Josie Loves to "swing-swing". And she is also going through the sunglass phase. We have to have sunglasses on. She only has 4 or 5 pairs. These glasses are "ike Daddies".
Mr. Levi has to be right there with us, no matter where we are in the yard. He is really good with Josie. He has had many a tail pulling and nose poking. But he just stands there and takes it. I hope he is around for a while so that she will get to actually play with him. But the poor old guy is pushing 7 and already turning grey!
Saturday night while the boys were hunting, Josie & I met Penny & Abby at the library. This was Josie's first trip. She came home with 4 books and 3 DVD's. She seemed to enjoy herself. After we were done there we went and ate at Cafe Pizzeria. Then went and walked around Kirkwood. I've wanted to do that for a long time but have never done it. I would like to go do it more because Josie had fun and I saw stuff we didn't even know we had.
And I got some photos of our little camera ham! Her personality is really starting to come out. It is so hilarious, I can see Mike & I both in her. And some things, I wonder if we were that funny when we were little.
Case in point! Here's "Miss Thing" strutting her stuff!
Trying to walk backwards like Abby was doing. By the time we left she was getting pretty good at it.
And then Mommy's Little Cover Model. She was copying Abby & Penny posing and being silly. Hey she might have a career in this! Maybe I need to research that a little more.
This was Mommy's first Monday home. I am now taking Monday's off permanently to spend some more time with Josie. We went out and played today. I tried to wash the porch off and my little helper kept getting in front of the hose. She was soaked by lunchtime and we had to change clothes before she could nap. Aw! The days of summer!!!
Eating crackers and playing in water! Yummy combination.
After nap she found the hat from winter that I had washed to give back to Michelle. It was everything I could do to convince her she didn't need it on to go outside.
This kid and her french fries. I was fixing our supper outside. (so nice to not have a greasy smelling house) She kept insisting that she wanted a french fry. Wouldn't wait until I cooked them so I gave her a frozen one. It took her a little while but she ate them and I didn't have to listen to "ench fry" over and over. Sometimes you got to do what you got to do to keep your sanity!

When Daddy got home, we went and picked up Mama Carole and went to Danny Smith to watch Riley play baseball.
She is most definately like her Mommy! Give me a doughnut anytime of day! I think she and I ate a whole pack this night. :-)
Of course in between doughnuts we had to ride our "or-eeler".
And this is what happens when they are all gone. Don't worry baby! Mommy wants to cry when all her chocolate is gone too, just ask your Daddy.
Shortly after this photo was taken, she thought no one was watching so she snatched the bag of Oreo's out of the cabinet and took off. I don't know why she always wants those anyway, all she does is lick the icing out of the center and then give you the cookies telling you she doesn't "ike them".
Instead she had to settle for her yogurt.
We were going to go watch Kayla play her ball game but it was way too cold. So only I went. I would have to say this is funnier to watch then basketball. We had kids trying to slide, we had collisions. We had bats thrown and about 5 kids were run after one ball. Way too funny!!! Can't wait until it's Josie's turn.

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