Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful For!

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for:
Josie (so much more than you can imagine)
My Family
Having the assistance to be over Postpartum Depression (awful!!!)
My Home
My Job
and everything else the good Lord has provided for us.

Now on to the new stats from her 15 month appointment. (Technically 15 mo. and 3 weeks)
Height: 32.5 In (90-95%)
Weight: 24 lbs 2 oz (50-75%)
Stage of development: 21 month and 1 week (she gets that from Mommy! tee-hee tee-hee)

We have had to move up to size 7 in shoes and I don't think it will be long until it will be size 8. She can wear them now but I don't like putting shoes on her that are too big and she can possibly slide around in. I know it would be cheaper in the long run.
We have been potty training now for about 2 wks. I was going to wait until after Christmas but I think she had other plans. Some days she is really into it, others she could care less.
She got her first really bad cold on November 4th thanks to typhoid Kayla. At least that's who we're blaming. She was sick first. Anyway, Wednesday night she laid in bed with me for about an hour and watched TV. That is so unlike her so I knew something was up. She went to bed that night with a 99 degree temperature. Then Thursday morning when we woke up she was roasting and had a 102.3 temperature. We fought the temperature all weekend. By Monday, it was gone but she still felt awful. Plus on top of that she had more molars coming in. When we went to the Dr on the 20th she was still coughing, although it was better, and she still had a snotty nose. So he put her on Amoxycillin for the first time. She loves that stuff. If she sees her syringe on the counter or her medicine in the fridge. She is pointing, whining and saying "cine". I don't know what we'll do when it runs out! :-)
Speaking of her talking, she is picking up so much now and understands what I am telling her. She is mommy's little helper. I can give her laundry and tell her to go put it in the basket and she will. She also takes her toothbrush to the sink when I tell her, and goes and gets her clothes and throws trash away.
She is in to sitting on the counter while I am in the kitchen working so that she can see what I am doing. I'll be glad when she can stand on a chair and not have to worry about her falling cause it's awfully hard trying to do something with supper and having little hands flying into what you are doing! :-) Especially scrambled eggs! YUCK!!!
If you wash your hands, she is pulling up her sleeves and saying "eeves" and "osh". Kind of makes me not want to wash my hands sometimes cause I know she's gonna be next!
Speaking of talking she says the following:
appy "Happy"
oncle "Uncle" (She is obsessed with Uncle Nathan)
Mama (Mama Carole)
Papa (Papa Doug)
Gma "Grandma" (Angalene)
Iley "Riley"
Ayla "Kayla"
crackie "crackers"
eeves "sleeves or leaves"
spooky "anything Halloween related"
ash "trash"
aci "pacifier"
peepee "potty"
ower "shower"
ath "bath"
urkey "turkey"
eer "ear or deer"
pitty "pretty"
incess "princess"
ookie "cookie"
eat (she has that one down pat!)
ater "water"
ilk "milk"
ogu "yogurt"
uit "fruit"
hi "is either HI or if her hand is raised when she says it that means High Five"
ello "Hello"
Get Down "she has that one down pat as well and has a voice raising as she says it"
It Down "Sit Down and she has a voice raising on that one as well"
Eeth "Teeth" (when she wants to brush her teeth)
Ocky "Rocky" (in the rocking chair)
pus "purse"
ackpack "Backpack"
And when she says "pus" or "ackpack" she will also tell you bye as she is putting either one of them over her shoulder.
She still loves playing in her bed as well. We got her toy room done and she loves being down there playing. Everything for the most part is totally accessible to her and she can do it on her own.
I think I have covered it for the most part. I have already made my New Year's resolution that I will be better at this. So sorry for those of you that read this all the way through!

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Hi there!

Oh my goodness! It just dawned on me that I never got back to you about helping you brainstorm ideas for an upcoming party!! I am so sorry! Do you by chance still have the e-mail you sent me? I cannot find it in my files anymore. Again, I apologize!