Tuesday, June 9, 2009

10 Months

At 10 months, Josie is still only crawling but the kid can fly! She is trying to figure out how to stand on her own. She will be crawling, stop and stand up on her toes and hands, butt up in air! It's a funny picture!!!
She has 4 teeth coming in at once right now and she is not happy about it. Poor kid hasn't had just one tooth come in. They've been coming in pairs. I guess this way we'll get over the teething stage quicker.
She now does patty cake and rolling the cake up. She is trying to blow kisses. And she tries to kiss you but comes at you with her mouth wide open. She done this to me Sunday night while Mike was holding her and she bit my upper lip. I thought Mike was going to drop her cause he was laughing so hard. Therefore, she thought it was funny. She hasn't done it since and I sure hope she don't cause that really hurt!
She screams at the top of her lungs a really high pitched annoying scream. She was only doing it when she was mad but now she'll just do it out of the blue until she makes herself cough because she is irritating her throat.
She has also started fake fussing. I have to laugh at her when she's doing that.
She pulls up on her toy box and gets her own toys out. This is nice cause then the toys are all getting played with.
She has found that she can go through the rocking chair and end table and does this alot. She crawls back around the rocking chair, looks at you and claps. Too cute!
She has also started climbing stairs so Daddy had to put the gate up. Once she found the gate she stands up on it and smacks it while screaming cause she's mad she can't go up them. Now we have to get one for the basement stairs because when I am getting her bath ready and I sit her down she heads for the stairs and waits for me to catch her. I have started having to take her in the bathroom and shut the door while I turn the water on. Now I have to put her in the tub when the water is running because if not she is trying to climb in it so she can play in the faucet.
She likes to play with her shoes on her changing table but won't keep shoes on her feet if you put them on her.
When you are changing her diaper she is throwing a fit and trying to get away from you anyway she can. Fine as long as it's not a poopy diaper, then it's a bad situation!
She peed in the floor the first time Sunday night while I was getting her ready for bed. I told Daddy it was no different than the dogs when they did it, so just clean it up and move on!
Speaking of dog, she is really interested in Kodi. For the most part she does good but last night she grabbed a huge handful of hair and pulled. Kodi barked at her and it scared her to death. But it didn't stop her from crawling back to her.
We took the kids to the mall last week to Build a Bear, Josie picked out a dog. We had Kayla & Riley say "Hi Josie" in one of those recorders and she loves that dog. We named him Giggles on his birth certificate because that was all Josie would do after she got him. She drags that dog around everywhere and when she is really fussy all we have to do is get the dog and push the button and she quits. She loves to hear the kids. We take the dog with us to Mama Carole's but we don't take it to Michelle's since the girls like to argue over toys now.
She has started eating the toddler meals here and there and she likes them. She has tried our food and has had pancakes, grilled cheese, chicken & noodles, peas, green beans, red potatoes, cheese, bananas, grapes and loves any kind of bread.
Daddy stayed with her this past Sunday and Mommy had her first dinner out with a friend. I met Penny and we went to Chili's. It was very nice and relaxing. Thank you Daddy!

I signed up to sell Discovery Toys. I am so excited and can't wait to get my kit. Not only do I want to play with the toys but I want to be able to get Josie some good informative toys.
Mike & I have got alot done around the house in the last few weeks. He finally got my mulch down and that made me feel so much better. It didn't get done last year because I was pregnant and was always the one that did it. This is the first time ever he has mulched my flower beds. Did a pretty good job of it too, I might have to make him do it from now on! :-) Now the next thing is to get the house pressure washed again and stained.
Is there ever an end in sight?!

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